Hi and welcome to my website.  I was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky.  Since then, I've lived on a few continents, spent time in international commerce, and finally returned to making art in 2011!  I currently call Los Angeles home.  

The vibrant work inhabits the world between representation and abstraction.  I seek both authenticity and universality and a unique language composed of signs, shapes, color, gesture, protagonists, and invented places.    

My source material is coupled from my imagination and emotional memory.  If you feel that you've entered the bowels of the human subconscious, then I've been successful. 

My aim is for the formal elements in each painting to parse the uncomfortable, whimsical, metaphysical, and mystical psychological states present in all human beings.  In so doing, I attempt to convey the capriciousness of the human condition and the politics of experience that rule humanity's time on earth. 

I have attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Arteles Finland, and ESXLA in Los Angeles.  I have a BA from Davidson College and a MS from University College London. 


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